Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - "The Son Also Rises"

Mercifully, we're down to the end of season three with just two more episodes to go after this one.

Because I'm done.

This week Lee gets the low-down on what it takes to be a lawyer in a few days. Baltar's new attorney (the last one got blown up) is a skeezy kleptomaniac who looks like he wandered in from the world poker tour. We're supposed to be impressed by how he manipulates people and moves them around like pieces on a chess board, but, anyone can do that if you write them that way.

There's also a lame subplot about one of the officer's trying to assassinate Baltar's lawyers by planting bombs on ships. He's doing it because he can't stand sending pilots out to there deaths. But he's putting bombs on ships.

Also, you knew it was him because he was a total red shirt.

Finally, the Adamas are grieving for Starbuck. Considering this is a Lee-centric episode and the writers still have no idea what his character is about, I'd say they have a lot to be sad about.