Thursday, March 15, 2007

David Sedaris is a Big Fat Liar?

It's very brave of the New Republic to take on David Sedaris and all his lies. Our national nightmare is almost over.

I've always thought of Sedaris as more of comedian or a "humorist" (a comedian who reads a lot) than a memoirist so it's hard to see how it matters. His performances are so strong, and his voice so distinctive, that I hear his voice even when I read his stuff in the New Yorker. And besides, no one fact checks Bill Cosby's fatherhood stories, or Eddie Murphy, or Denis Leary when they tell personal stories for comic effect. It's just a different animal.

Maybe next week they'll get to the bottom of this whole Lake Wobegon business and expose the statistical errors in Garrison Keillor's assertions (the children can't all be above average! What kind of self-esteemed, self-absorbed nightmares are they raising out there in Minnesota anyway?)