Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heroes - "Parasite"

Now this is how you write an entertaining TV show.

Every episode of Heroes is like watching the season finale of any other show. There were plot twists, revelations, reversals of fortune, double reversals, and surprises. And nearly every plot point and storyline was touched on and moved forward.

I won't waste time cataloging all the fun but here are my favorites:
  • Illusion Girl was a brilliant device for adding some unexpected twists to both the Isaac and Simone storyline and the HRG storyline.
  • HRG getting up to speed on Claire so quickly. Any other show would have milked that for weeks.
  • Hiro was great in every scene as usual. I never get tired of him throwing his arms in the air in excitement. I never get tired of "Flying Man!".
  • Nathan. Who knew he was so likable? This may have been his breakout episode as a character.
  • Suresh proving he's a pretty smart guy... and Sylar proving he's even more evil than you thought.
  • Mother Petrelli. 'Nuff said.
  • Linderman. Double-'Nuff said.
  • Matt didn't get to do anything! Somebody give this guy a decent storyline.
  • Linderman thinks people only eat when they're happy. What an idiot. This very basic misunderstanding of human nature MUST be the key to his downfall.
  • Now that we know that ALL of the parents of the heroes are interlocked in some big conspiracy, can it ever add up to anything? Too much like X-Files and Lost.
  • I think we now know why future-Hiro commented on Peter's scar.
  • Hiro is not stuck in the future and is nowhere near the point where he has a soul patch and American accent.
  • Nathan will eventually step up as the leader of the Heroes.
  • Nikki and Jessica will be split into two people. The mirror stuff has worn out its welcome.
  • Sylar is future exploding man.