Monday, March 05, 2007

Listening to All Songs Considered

I'm listening to the All Songs Considered podcast while I work:

Rickie Lee Jones, "It Hurts"

** Has RLJ always sounded like Julianna Hatfield?

Cortney Tidwell, "Eyes Are At The Billions"

*** This one has one of those big shifts where it's mellow, mellow, mellow and then it starts to rock. Unlike most songs though, you don't see it coming. Nice surprise.

The Knife, "Marble House"

**1/2 I couldn't tell if this version was different from the one on the album (Silent Shout), which should have been the point.

Amandine, "Faintest of Hearts"

** Bob Boilen hears Sufjan in this track, and he's not wrong. I couldn't get past it. Sufjan Stevens is in danger of becoming an easy to mimic but not duplicate sub-genre all his own.

Dalek, "Bricks Crumble"

* Um, OK. That was dull. Menacing? Where's the wit? Where's the surprise lyric? Monotonous delivery over a drain pipe mix.

Fountains of Wayne, "Someone To Love"

* Ugh. This is not my week. Fountains of Wayne are Ben Folds without the life-of-the-party piano tricks and fun sing-alongs.

Better luck next week.

And, yes! Bob sez, The Good, The Bad, and The Queen live at the 9:30 club. That's all I needed to hear.