Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lost - "Enter 77"

At the end of the day, the guy with the eye patch wasn't all that interesting was he? Just another guy with a philosopher's name.
  • Why bring back Ms. Clough, if you're just going to teach her Russian, and then shoot her?
  • Locke with a computer, is now like Homer with a plate of donuts... ooh donuts, and then everything blows up. Keep Locke away from all electronics. Give him a knife and send him into the forest next time.
  • Having Rousseau go hide in the forest made sense from a character perspective, but it's still kind of lame.
  • Sawyer and his stuff. Ugh.
  • Ping Pong. Ugh.
  • Hurley was great though.
  • Hostiles! Just what we needed. Some new faction to figure out. Blech.
For the most part, I actually found myself entertained. And while the backstory of Sayid and the woman did not add much to the overall Lost-iverse, it was wonderfully told and superbly acted. For awhile it reminded me of an Alfred Hitchcock Presents where a man kills someone who his wife identifies as her attacker, only to have it turn out that she's cracked and thinks everyone she sees is her attacker.

But the woman's monologue at the end of this episode, walked a much trickier line, and was delivered perfectly. Overall, Sayid was the best part of the episode and the only thing that made it watchable. Him and the little cat.