Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness Day 1 Update

So far so good in the tournament. My brackets are still in perfect shape after the early games.

My first upset pick of the day just started with Vandy leading underdog GW 7-0. Uh-oh. What was I thinking?


Vandy leads 45-18 just before the half. It looks like we won't be seeing any Cinderella's before the evening games.

Update 2

My brackets are starting to crack and creak under the strain of my upset picks, but Ohio State is cruising right now and beating up on a 16 seed the way a #1 is supposed to. The Bucks look a lot more like an elite team than what I've seen in years past including the Final Four team of 1999.

Meanwhile, Michigan State has a halftime lead over Marquette. Bad for my bracket but good for them and the league.

Update 3

Duke leading VCU 59-50 and fur is beginning to fly. People are pushing and shoving. I'm just waiting for the brawl.