Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness Day 2

I'm predicting a pretty boring day today which means that it will be utter chaos. Taking the 9s over the 8s which I should have done yesterday. I'm also ignoring popular upset picks Winthrop and Creighton and taking the higher seed as upset-upsets (if you know what I mean).

Let's take a minute and shed a tear for Duke. They were the only upset yesterday and now they have to put up with all the schadenfreude. Ha.

Also, I knew not to pick Texas Tech yesterday based on Bobby Knight's dismal record in the tournament. I don't know what he does to crush his own team's chances, but he hasn't won a significant game since Keith Smart hit that jumper in 1987.

Day 2 Games


(7) UNLV over (10) Georgia Tech
(6) Notre Dame over (11) Winthrop
(2) Wisconsin over (15) Texas A&M Corpus Christi
(3) Oregon over (14) Miami (OH)
(9) Purdue over (8) Arizona <==Slight Upset
(1) Florida over (16) Jackson St.

(5) Virginia Tech over (12) Illinois
(1) Kansas over (16) Niagra
(9) Villanova over (8) Kentucky <==Slight Upset
(13) Southern Illinois over (13) Holy Cross East
(4) Texas over (13) New Mexico State
(5) USC over (12) Arkansas

(4) Virginia over (13) Albany
(2) Memphis over (15) North Texas
(5) Tennessee over (12) Long Beach State
(7) Nevada over (10) Creighton