Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ohio State 65 Michigan 61

Signs of life in the Buckeye universe.

The game against Michigan was exactly the sort of throw-away game you can lose at the end of the year and everyone will just sort of shrug their shoulders and move on (for example, UCLA's loss to Washington). Michigan was at home, it was senior day, they're playing for pride, and perhaps more importantly a shot at their firsts NCAAs in like a decade. They played well, and in the Big Ten, it's never an upset when the home team wins.

But something weird happened. The Buckeyes shrugged off Michigan's lead. They started getting the ball to Oden in the paint. And they gutted out a win.

And maybe, just maybe, earned a little respect, and the right to take that #1 ranking into conference tournament. Quite possibly the best win of the year.