Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ohio State 85 Tennessee 84

For the second game in a row the opposing team had the Buckeyes dead to rights. And the Buckeyes come back and steal back the victory. Is it better to be lucky than good? Who cares. These guys are unstoppable!

Watch out Memphis! No matter what you do right. No matter how well you think you've played or what kind of lead you think you have. You can't win.

This is not survival. Tennessee was trying to survive. This is zombie-returning-from-the-dead nightmare basketball!

Ohio State 85 Tennessee 84 Final

Miss the second.

Tennessee drives the length of the court to the basket and Oden gets a huge block!

It's over!!!

Ohio State 85 Tennessee 84 6.5

We let the clock run down, Conley drives to the basket and gets a foul.

Conley hits the first!


The Barn is burning...

Ohio State 84 Tennessee 84 38.7

We miss a bad three they come down and get a questionable foul

Ohio State 84 Tennessee 83 1:08

They hit the second, we move down court and call timeout.

Ohio State 84 Tennessee 82 1:18

Oden hits two free throws. Tennessee misses the first of two.

Ohio State 79 Tennessee 79 2:30

The Buckeyes have fought back from a devastating 17 point half time deficit. At one point they were down by 20. I had totally written this one off. Make it stop!