Friday, March 23, 2007

Robert Christgau Considered

Listening to the All Songs Considered podcast of their Spring Preview show reminds me how unbelievably annoying Robert Christgau is. No wonder the Village Voice canned him. Listening to records with him leaning over your shoulder makes you want to take up some other hobby and never listen to anything again.

His crimes:
  • He can't hear Johnny Marr on the Modest Mouse record!
  • He recites Fountains of Wayne's lyrics.
  • His take on Wilco: "So few rock gods do the dishes."
I think I learned to start dreading his comments during the end-of-year recap when he said the Decemberists had no grooves (or something to that effect) which was so entirely beside the point when reviewing The Crane Wife, I could take no more.

Actually, Meredith Ochs is worse, but her comments and record picks are so worthless you can't even get annoyed. You just ignore her and move on.