Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroes - ".07%"

I forgot that Heroes is on at 8 mountain and not 9, so I missed the first twenty minutes last week. That sort of threw off my whole reaction to the episode, so I decided not to comment on it until I could grab it from iTunes and watch the whole thing uninterrupted.

That worked out well, because on second viewing, I have a much deeper appreciation for the show. There's something in the craftsmanship of this show that elevates it above Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Yes, it's in the same genre of sci-fi serial drama, but one gets the sense that the people behind Heroes are old pros compared to the young mavericks elsewhere. In some ways it reminds me of some of the good shows from the 80s like Hill Street Blues or St. Elsewhere. Each scene is so skillfully crafted that it sort of clicks into place like a gear catching, each piece fitting with the next.

Here's the good:

  • We learned a little more about Linderman, and we learned a little more about mother Petrelli.
  • More clever use of shape changing girl - first with Claire when you thought HRG was dreaming, and then with Jessica which was a much nastier trick to play on Micah and Jessica. Anyway, I was fooled.
  • The fact that it was Claire who figured out that Peter wasn't really dead. Both in the method (since we'd seen her "die" in the same way) and the way it balanced the relationship with her new uncle.
  • The way Linderman played his scene with Micah like some sort of diabolical Santa Claus.
  • The way Nathan played his scene with Claire as if he was channeling his mother -- or was it his mother? (Is she the original shape-changing girl?)
  • Parkman making fun of HRG for not knowing about Linderman.

  • HRG's escape with the dufus-duo was a little lame.
  • The plan for HRG to go to New York, also a little lame.
  • Linderman's power was a little cliche - haven't we seen the flower springing to life before?
  • Peter's death - come on! Who was fooled?

  • What is mother Petrelli's power?
  • Why was Isaac so confident that he was dying a hero?
  • Hiro vs. Future Hiro?
  • What fiendish plans does Linderman have for Micah?
  • When will D.L. be given something useful to do?