Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Are Conservatives Living In The Land Of Bizarro Superman?

My response to the latest TNR "What's Your Problem?" called: Are liberals conspiracy theorists?

I Googled Clinton Haters

I didn't find any Maureen Dowd or Frank Rich, but I did get lots of proud self-identified Clinton Haters including Jonah Goldberg:

Here's the quote:

"I myself am an 'irrational Clinton hater,' diagnosed, but not treated. I hate Bill Clinton - or at least I did when he mattered."

Clearly this is Goldberg's personal issue alone (seek therapy if you must Jonah!) and not one that actually informs the larger debate about how the Democrats should or should not work with the Republicans in congress or support the Bush administration in areas where there is agreement or compromise (good luck with any of that).

Goldberg believes in a political universe of perfect symmetry in which every attitude and approach on one side must find its perfect mirror opposite on the other side. Bush did x, well Clinton did x also. It's the world of the Star Trek mirror universe and Bizarro Superman in which the other political party is just like us only evil or broken.

Unfortunately, just as in the Science/Creationism debate there is no symmetry. Science is a method, creationism is a hoax designed to undermine that method.

Bush-bashing is a direct result of the administration's actions and policies. What they say and do. Clinton was hated for who he was and what he stood for and during the 90s conservatives perpetrated one hoax after another in order to undermine his presidency and destroy him personally.

I hope next week Peter will do more to prevent Jonah from steering their conversations down these self-absorbed and self-serving dead ends.