Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Things I Believe

Sometimes it's important to keep track of things like this.
  • I believe in extra-terrestrial life, but I do not believe we have found it yet (or they us)
  • I believe our concept of "God" should be taken metaphorically
  • I believe in evolution and the process of natural selection
  • I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
  • I believe Al Qaeda destroyed the WTC with two airplanes
  • I believe Pete Rose gambled on his own team
  • I believe consciousness is grounded in the brain
  • I believe William Shakespeare wrote all of the plays attributed to him
  • I believe human beings contribute to global warming
  • I believe that the ability to understand the world is what gives it meaning
  • I believe torture is unethical and serves no practical purpose
  • I believe in liberal democracy, personal freedom, and social responsibility