Saturday, September 13, 2008

Liveblogging OSU vs. USC - First Half

7:53 PM MT - HALFTIME - OSU 3 USC 21

7:52 PM MT - Nice interception by Checkwa keeps USC of the scoreboard before halftime.

7:47 PM MT - USC is starting to play as if it's garbage time. Unfortunately, OSU can't stop McKnight.

7:43 PM MT - Boeckman is hit from the blind side and fumbles. Good frickin' grief.

7:42 PM MT - I'll say it: Boeckman needs to sit. Pryor is at least making things happen. At this point it's just an exhibition game for the Bucks. Put in the Freshman.

7:37 PM MT - OSU 3 USC 21

7:36 PM MT - Just as Pryor is moving the team down the field, Boeckman throws a horrible interception that comes back for a touchdown. Is this thing over yet?

7:30 PM MT - USC punts. A moral victory.

7:27 PM MT - Classy. The USC students are chanting overrated! Have you ever heard of a #1 ranked team chanting that at their opponent?

7:23 PM MT - It's bad enough to attempt the field goal when you need touchdowns. It's even worse to miss it.

7:21 PM MT - A holding penalty takes away a touch down. Self-destructing?

7:19 PM MT - Pryor for 13 yards. Now we're talking.

7:16 PM MT - That facemask penalty was a gift to a struggling offense.

7:09 PM MT - OSU 3 USC 14

USC making it look easy with a throw to the back of the end zone from the 1.

Nice stop by Laurinaitis to save the touchdown on the previous play.

7:07 PM MT - USC is just much more explosive on offense. If OSU doesn't get it together, this game will be over very soon.

7:04 PM MT - As USC, takes over we need to see how opportunistically the OSU defense can play.

7:01 PM MT - Ohio State's drive stalls on a questionable false start and a poorly timed pass play. Not good.

6:54 PM MT - OSU 3 USC 7

Nice pass for USC. Their man gets behind the defender and is able to stumble into the end zone. The difference between touchdowns and field goals is pretty huge.

6:50 PM MT - Now USC is moving the ball by spreading it out and running direct snaps. So far, the teams are mirror images of each other.

6:44 PM MT - OSU 3 USC 0

Good defensive stop followed by a nice drive. Would have been better had they actually reached the end zone. The offense needs to put pressure on USC's.

6:01 PM MT - Game Time! Here we go. The Buckeyes will need to play the best game they've played in 5 years. The question is: can they live up to expectations? The other question that no one is asking: are the Trojans as good as they are assumed to be?