Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

The Republican are going to declare victory tonight because Ms. Palin was able to speak in full sentences. Woopedy-doo. Don't be fooled. Palin read her lines as she'd rehearsed and stuck to her script, even to the point of ignoring the questions.

Biden started slowly, but came off as reasonable and relaxed, and when it came to emotional connections came across as more genuine in the final half hour.

Also, Palin was kind of nuts. Did she really argue for extending the powers of the Vice Presidency? She wants to out-Cheney Cheney? Give me a break.

Palin came across well in a practiced environment and promised not to do anymore "filtered" interviews where we might catch her speaking extemporaneously and accidentally revealing the emptiness behind all the memorization.

Good for Biden, and good for the Obama campaign.