Monday, March 16, 2009

Apollo and Dionysos in BSG

Random thoughts on what the end of BSG might mean.
  1. From the beginning, the problem has been the separateness and fragmentation of the colonies. 12 colonies. 12 different representations in the constellations.
  2. This problem is echoed in the 12 Cylon models, divided and yet endlessly replicated.
  3. Identity becomes alienated from its own nature when no one knows who is human and who might be a Cylon.
  4. The Cylon known as 6 represents the Apollonian mode of art. She is plastic. She is an image. She exists in dream -- a dream that the dreamer may not want to awake from.
  5. Unlike the other Cylons, the final 5 are individuals. They are not replicated and therefore our knowledge of them is not tied to their image but to the tragedies and sufferings of the distant past.
  6. The final 5 are awakened by music, by the tragic spirit of Dionysos.
  7. Dionysos is the daemon that unites us with nature. Dionysos is mania and madness and frenzy and intoxication. Ellen and Tigh.
  8. Hera duplicated the music of the final 5. Starbuck's father played for her the music of the final 5.
  9. The Black Hole symbolizes violent primordial nature and the singularity. Unity through chaos.
  10. Battlestar Galactica will end ambiguously and ambivalently because that is the nature of tragedy.
  11. The death of the Battlestar itself is a way of letting go of the pain of the past and all that was lost on Caprica.
  12. This must certainly end in the Opera House. Will Hera bring about a new dawn? Will she through song heal all that divides human and cylon at last? Will it be left to Starbuck? Will her death and resurrection end in apotheosis?
  13. Will BSG provide Metaphysical Solace?