Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last of the Ninth

One more reason not to throw out your flat screen TV. David Milch will soon be returning to HBO with a new cop show. The Vulture has the scoop:

New show: Last of the Ninth

The pitch: A gritty cop show set in seventies New York, when a task force was formed to root out corruption in the NYPD. The show will star a young detective just back from Vietnam and an older one who becomes his mentor. [Variety, Watcher/Chicago Tribune]

As good as his last show? Yes, it will be way better than John From Cincinnati. Nobody could possibly be disappointed to see the co-creator of NYPD Blue returning to police drama; plus, by the time this thing airs (no date has yet been set), the collapsing economy will likely have rendered New York as dangerous as it was in the seventies, so Ninth will feel terrifyingly relevant. Also, the setting would seem to allow for at least as much swearing as in Deadwood.