Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Obsession + Topic + Voice

Merlin Mann and John Gruber have incredibly smart things to say about how to be creative.
  • Find your obsession - the thing that your friends want you to shut up about
  • Imagine your ideal audience - your first, best reader - or ideal self
  • Do not try to replicate the success of others
  • Be better at what you do than 80% of everyone else
  • Be the go-to person for whatever your obsession is - what happened, what it means, what you should think about it
  • Value and Opportunity are greater than pursuit of page views and ad dollars
  • Give your stuff away for free

Listen to their SxSW talk.

Merlin also had this excellent talk on how to stop spinning your wheels and just get started with whatever it is you want to do.

Also, this talk called Inbox Zero on how to manage your email.