Monday, September 07, 2009

College Football Kickoff

Good start to the college football season. Both my teams won so there isn't much to complain about -- though there is always much to think about.

Ohio State 31 Navy 27

Yeah, that wasn't pretty, was it? Pryor showed some flashes of the superstar we've been hearing about, but the coaches kept him reigned in with their conservative play calling. It would be nice if they let him run a little more instead of trying to turn him into a pocket passer, but that's not Tressel ball. They want to turn him into another Troy Smith, but my feeling is he's Smith AND Tedd Ginn, Jr. The guy's so fast he could throw it, run down field, and catch it himself.

The defense, on the other hand looked pretty dreadful. It's the first time in probably 10 years where that the defense isn't guaranteed to be dominant. And Navy did an excellent job of keeping them off balance and making them look slow and tired. The triple option was huge, and run to great effect. A little more time and the game might have gone Navy's way. You could write it off as a flukey scheme thing, except that I think USC will be able to move the ball every bit as efficiently next week just running a standard offense.

Most dreaded words in Columbus this time next week: "Worst home loss ever."

Colorado State 23 Colorado 17

Rammies win. 'Nough said. I was very much impressed with the Ram's bowl performance last year, and they've certainly continued to improve since then. They've still got teams like BYU and Utah to deal with, not to mention TCU, Air Force and border rival Wyoming, but they definitely won't be a doormat this year. If the team can continue to build around their offensive line, they'll be well on their way to bringing back the glory days of the 1990s. Weber State better watch out next week. They're in for a heap of trouble.