Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No Transformation

"So far, there's been no transformation," he says. "The Democrats aren't changing things. The Wall Street guys are keeping their bonuses, and Obama isn't going to make any reforms unless he's prepared to piss off Wall Street. I'm hoping he's keeping his powder dry until he feels he can really strike – that he'll become as tough as he needs to be. It's a sad state in America right now. No accountability for Bush and Cheney's crimes, and those are slam-dunk felonies right there. No accountability for torture. Obama's escalated two wars, he hasn't dismantled the Bush/Cheney terror apparatus, and he's upholding Bush's precedent to hold people without charge. Jesus, I wouldn't want his job. But he wanted it. And we have to be honest about what he is or isn't doing. We have to be critical and hold Obama accountable. It's the most helpful thing we can do for him."
John Cusack, succinctly summarizing where we think we are these days.