Friday, November 13, 2009

Screenplay for Old Men

Cormac McCarthy interviewed:

JH: Didn't you start "No Country for Old Men" as a screenplay?
CM: Yeah, I wrote it. I showed it to a few people and they didn't seem to be interested. In fact, they said, "That will never work." Years later I got it out and turned it into a novel. Didn't take long. I was at the Academy Awards with the Coens. They had a table full of awards before the evening was over, sitting there like beer cans. One of the first awards that they got was for Best Screenplay, and Ethan came back and he said to me, "Well, I didn't do anything, but I'm keeping it."

He has many more interesting things to say than this, but that was the only moment where I could say, "I knew it!"