Friday, May 28, 2010

Charlie Brooker's Screen burn: Lost & 24 | Television & radio | The Guardian

Charlie Brooker examines "a bunch of irritating people going 'woo' on a rock in the sea":
The plot made less sense than a milk hammock. Jack was apparently no longer Jack, but a man who looked like Jack. He was certainly just as punchably earnest as I remember. There was much kerfuffle over a kind of magic reset button located down a well in the middle of the island. The story ended with alternative-universe-Jack having an existential chat with his dead dad. I remembered Jack's boring daddy issues from the first season; back then they struck me as a spectacularly tedious attempt to give our clean-cut hero some depth. Has any viewer, in the history of film and television, ever actually cared about a lead character's parents? Faced with a character as blankly dull as Jack, I'd be more interested in learning about the tortured background of a piece of office furniture.