Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye to all that

Off to tKOTH's school for her grade school "graduation." A momentous occasion, and yet just another photo op.

So go forth, you beautiful, knock-kneed, talented, graceless prodigies of modern suburbia. We raised you with bike helmets, SUVs, and home computers. Remember us. Make us proud.

Pursue your dreams. May they be narrow and lofty. Overcome all obstacles. Rise up. There will be ever greater rivals to outrun and far fewer slots to fill. Do not wait.

Remember as you get older, that you will always have each other. May you tell the same jokes, listen to the same music, remind each other of this day and the next. Forever.

Remember today is not the future. Plan, schedule, but stay free. Your jobs do not yet exist. Your tools have not yet been invented.

You will not recognize yourself in these photos anymore than you will recall how you felt on this day. Smile. Hurry. This is not for you.