Saturday, July 17, 2010

The art of slow reading | Books | The Guardian

Slow reading is now a movement:
"If you want the deep experience of a book, if you want to internalise it, to mix an author's ideas with your own and make it a more personal experience, you have to read it slowly," says Ottowa-based John Miedema, author of Slow Reading (2009).
All true. The ability to read slowly and attentively is a skill that few are able to really develop. Fast reading is either a third grade metric, or a flim-flam to help you "succeed in business" (scare quotes intended). Either way, people who are able to devour large books in a short time, are really just skimming, and not really (in my opinion) getting much out of the experience. They're either missing the point or reading stuff that's so superficial that you don't really have to read at depth. Either way, slowing down and really sinking into long difficult writing is much more rewarding.