Friday, December 10, 2010

I get email : Pharyngula

PZ Myers responds to and annotates a nasty email message. Classic.:
There is a lot of evidence of paranormal activity[No, actually, there isn't] , how is that explained? [Wishful thinking, selective memory, gullibility. Easy.] The vast majority of people believe in a God [So? You don't get to vote on what reality exists], and many believe Jesus has died for their passage into heaven [And many believe that Mohammed was God's prophet, and that praying to Ganesh will remove obstacles from their lives. Do you?]. Are all of these people (myself included, and I am a very well educated individual and deep thinker if I do say so myself[I don't believe you.]) delusional or weak minded or worse because the have faith? [Yes. Or lazy, or guilt-ridden and brain-washed, or fearful] If you look at the world and see how everything fits so perfectly together I don't understand [Those three words are actually the whole of your argument] how anyone can NOT see that there is "intelligent design" behind the creation of everything[Hey, it's easy…because there is no evidence for creation, but plenty for evolution]. My background is also in biology and the life sciences. I went to Kent State University[Kent State grads everywhere are groaning at the association], then graduated at The Ohio State University [Ditto Ohio State] with a degree in Allied Medicine. [That's nice. Are we playing Trump That Degree?] For a few years while I was "becoming smart"[I think you were deceived] I too began to question the existence of a God. I was deceived[like I said] into thinking[I'm pretty sure you weren't doing that] there really was no need for any supernatural force for everything to be [I peeked ahead. You never bother to tell us anything that requires a supernatural force]. But then I looked how everything just worked. Take the krebs cycle. One of hundres of thousands of different processes that occur in the body. Every step has to happen perfectly.[No it doesn't. Cellular processes are stochastic, driven by thermodynamics. Did you learn nothing about biochemistry?] Every substrate has to perfectly fit it's particular enzyme [Wow. So there must be only One True phosphoglycerate mutase out there then. Have you noticed that there is sequence variation in these enzymes in different species?]. That 1 process, you're trying to tell me, just came about because of chance? [No. That's a very tired creationist canard. Evolution is about chance modulated by selection, a non-chance process] I really don't think so. I can go on and on with different examples but that would be pointless because you know exactly what I'm talking about. [Actually, I know exactly that you don't know what you are talking about.]