Friday, February 04, 2011

Destroyer: Kaputt | Music | Music Review | The A.V. Club

This is why I absolutely adore the new Destroyer album:
Something strange happened to rock music in 2010: Soft-focus sax solos stopped being funny. Well, they’re still sort of funny, but indie groups like Gayngs and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti have reclaimed the smooth-as-Aja sonic textures that characterized the lite-FM songs they first encountered in the back seats of minivans 30 years ago. While attempts at reviving the gently swinging spotlessness of records like Roxy Music’s Avalon typically toe the line between winking irony and gushingly emotive sincerity, leave it to a sherry-sipping, lovesick fool like Dan Bejar of Destroyer to go full-on gauche on Kaputt. An album that’s as stunning for its straight-faced chutzpah as for its unrepentant, obsessively well-coiffed lushness, Kaputt elevates Bejar’s affected aloofness to intoxicating levels of bearskin-rug romanticism.
No, really.