Monday, March 19, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - "Crossroads, Pt. 1"

This being the first of a two-parter, I'm not sure how to judge the episode by itself.

There were a lot of things I really liked about it and few things that reminded me of what a disaster this season has been. On the one hand, this episode was the first one all season that I didn't want to end because I actually wanted to find out what happens next. On the other hand it just reminded me of how much better this season would have been as a six episode mini-series.

The good:
  • The space shots were extraordinary this week.
  • The return of the Cylons as a scary threat.
  • Lawyer Lambkin's opening statement. "We'd like to change our plea to guilty".
  • Six v. Col. Tigh. Pow!
  • Col. Tigh always turns more Canadian whenever he's feeling self-righteous.
  • The spooky "music", and people acting strange. This is a promising mystery that could pay off next week.
  • President Laura on the witness stand.
The not so good:
  • Adama v. Lee. The family feud has nothing going for it and continues to demonstrate that a) They don't know what to do with Apollo since they refuse to write him as a stereotypical "hero." And b) they don't know how to write consistent characterizations from one week to the next. You never know when your going to get barking dog Adama, nor do you know why.
  • Law & Order: Galactica. The courtroom setting is way too easy and way too boring. It lets the writers get out a lot of exposition and artificial conflict but it all seems stale and contrived.
  • The return of Laura's cancer. The whole episode hinged on that one thing and it didn't play.
  • Not doing more with Baltar's ego-mania. Wouldn't he feel like he's too intelligent to have to sit through the trial or listen to his lawyer? Shouldn't Head-Six be there to torment him as he sits and listens?
  • The nebula they are going to is the source of the mysterious music/radio signal.
  • We'll learn about the final five, but that will just be the beginning...
  • Starbuck will return as a Cylon/god.
  • We're moving closer to the idea that the 12 colonies were the original Cylons, and the only "real" humans are on Earth.
I'm looking forward to next week's finale, but I refuse to bite on whatever cliffhanger they give us as lead-in to Season 4. Enough is enough.