Sunday, March 18, 2007

March Madness Day 4

The games are all blurring together.

Of interest:
  • Tennessee can't score 121 points every game, but still had enough to get past Virginia.
  • Up next for Tennessee: a rematch of a January game that Ohio State won by a basket.
  • Texas gets knocked out by USC (and I've lost one of my final four teams).
  • Purdue puts a scare in Florida (I'd have been willing to give up another of my final four teams).
  • UNLV over Wisconsin (man did they look bad this week).
  • I am 9-7 in round 2 and 3-5 on Sunday. Ouch!
  • The best I can do next week is 5-3 (for the elite 8) and 3-1 (for the Final 4).