Sunday, March 25, 2007

March Madness - Elite Eight Edition

The Florida / Oregon game was like watching a boat sink from a pinhole size leak. There was no huge disaster, but there was no way Oregon could overcome the fact that they were taking on water. As the game slogged along it seemed that no matter what happened, the lead for Florida would never be less than 5 points. Once Oregon got themselves in foul trouble there was no escape.

The North Carolina / Georgetown game had the same flavor to it, and as the second half started, I thought to myself, if this thing isn't tied in the first five minutes it's over. And everything seemed to be going North Carolina's way with Georgetown unable to make shots, seemingly having no three-point threat, and slowly getting Hibbert and Ewing into foul trouble. But somewhere there near the end NC just stopped. They couldn't score and the air went out of their game. And suddenly Georgetown has tied it and blown them out in overtime. I'm sure they'll be trying to figure out what went wrong for a long, long time.

So next week it's OSU vs. Georgetown and Florida vs. UCLA. I'm still pulling for a Florida / OSU final, but it won't surprise anyone if it's Georgetown vs. UCLA or some other combination.