Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ohio State 92 Memphis 76

Great, absolutely great. What more can you say?

The Buckeyes played one of their best games against Memphis and secured a spot in the Final Four. They jumped out of the gates well, grabbing an early lead and never gave Memphis an opportunity to get any momentum. It also helped that the Tigers seemed to want to play the Bucks straight up so we didn't have to worry about falling behind from a rain of three pointers.

Matta did a great job of managing Oden and his fouls and kept him in the game. He also did an amazing job of circulating guys off the bench, and OSU is starting to look like a team with a lot of depth and not just one very famous superstar.

Overall it reminded me more of the way they ground out the games in the Big Ten (especially the Purdue game in the Big Ten playoffs). It also amazes me how much more offense they are producing from game to game. 92 points? I'll have to check the season schedule but that sounds pretty high to me.

Up next Georgetown or North Carolina in Atlanta. Either game will be challenging but I kind of want to see North Carolina, just because I think we're better than we were in December and I think we can beat them this time.