Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ohio State 42 The School From Up North 7

Ah yes.

Ohio State rolls over a hopelessly undermanned Michigan squad and all is forgiven. The USC game: forgotten. The PSU loss. Meh. It's odd that this game looked more like a September cupcake game than the actual September cupcakes (where OSU struggled against Youngstown State and Ohio and the like).

It's currently 49-7 in the Penn State - Michigan State game so that little dream of going to the Rose Bowl is pretty much out of the question. Probably won't get a BCS bowl this year, but they'll get something. A little vacation somewhere warm. It won't matter. They beat Michigan. Five years in row. After years of struggling against Michigan, they'll graduate a class of seniors that has never lost to the Wolverines.

And that's all she wrote for another college football season. Go Bucks.