Saturday, January 01, 2011

Leaders and Legends?

The Big Ten is 0-4 so far in the New Year's bowls. Maybe it's the match-ups. Maybe it's a combination of the Big 10 being overrated and their opponents underrated. Or maybe it's that all of these southern teams are winning games played in the south?

Either way, it's hard to say that these exhibition games are all that inspiring, or that they add much to our understanding of league competitiveness.


Wisconsin is trailing in the third quarter of the Rose Bowl. A huge disappointment. They look very average against TCU, and are playing a lot more like the team that lost to Michigan State than the team that rolled over Ohio State.


Wisconsin goes down, forgetting that they got to where they are by running the freaking football. Why you would throw on the potential game-tieing 2pt conversion is beyond me.

Big Ten 0-5. Initiate ritual self-flogging protocol.