Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Arkansas

I'm dreading this game.

Everything is stacked against us. SEC opponent. Southern location. Myriad distractions. My fear is that we'll play Virginia Tech to Arkansas's Stanford. Hang around for a quarter or two and then go home on the wrong side of 42-10.

So is tonight the night that Buckeye fans everywhere decide that OSU is a basketball school? Bucks are 12 1/2 point favorites against Iowa.


Buckeyes played a brilliant first half, taking a 28-10 lead, but nothing has gone right since. The phantom safety may have been the last straw as the lead is cut to 31-23. I think I've seen this movie before.

Meanwhile the basketball team eked out a 73-68 win over Iowa in a game where they trailed for the bulk of the action.


Another bizarre play as Herron fumbles on what should have been a back-breaking, clock-burning, 4th down conversion.

Bucks lead 31-26 with less than 6 minutes, but right now we're waiting for the inevitable Arkansas go-ahead score.


Buckeyes get a remarkable three and out with 4 1/2 minutes to go. Field position continues to be their greatest enemy as Arkansas punts them down inside the 5 yardline.


With 2 minutes left, OSU has done a good job of running the ball and running down the clock.

Still, the game has been way more exciting than it needed to be.


And there you go. A special teams disaster. Would have been better if they'd gone for it.


HOLY COW! The Bucks get an interception with a minute left!


Bucks win 31-26. Unbelievable game. I've got nothing left to say.


Hope someone off the defense gets the MVP. They made the difference 100%.