Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What I'm Watching

Serial television is still the best thing going, but... all my favorite shows are screwing it up royally.

And yet I watch every week:


The fun of this show used to be trying to collect all the clues and figure it out. Now it turns out there may not be anything to figure out. The characters certainly don't seem to think so.

I have a pet theory that there are a group of crash survivors at the beach who, by working together, asking intelligent questions, and sharing information have already made it home. I call them "The Others".

Battlestar Galactica

Are you embarrassed yet that you told everyone to watch this show? Ugh. The writers clearly don't have enough material for an entire season, and stumble along from the big season premiere to the big season finale with material that wouldn't make it on Star Trek Voyager.

Ronald D. Moore's podcast on the other hand is brilliant, and gives great insight into the writer's world. He is completely honest about what works and what doesn't.


Everyone loves Heroes, and so do I. Why? Cheap thrills. Comic book thrills. It delivers something big every week and leaves you with something to look forward to in the next. Does it add up to anything? I have no idea. Probably as much as reading through a stack of old Spider-man comics. But it's a fun ride... for now.